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Eye Makeup Tips for Deep-set Sunken Eyes

(Eye makeup tips for sunken deep-set eyes) Picture Courtesy : caring.in.net
Our eye shapes have a lot to do when it comes to deciding which eye makeup look would complement our eye shape in particular. This article will provide some tips for women with sunken deep-set eyes, so that they can get bigger beautiful eyes with the help of makeup. Different eye shapes will need to implement different kinds of eye makeup techniques to bring out the best! So, if you want to know how to do eye makeup for sunken deep-set eyes, read on.

The most noticeable feature of sunken deep-set eyes is the eyelids are darker than the rest of the face. So the first tip for makeup for sunken eyes would be to apply foundation or makeup base all over the face including the eyelids. This will help the makeup to stay on long and also give an overall same complexion.
(Eye makeup tips for sunken deep-set eyes) Picture Courtesy : snazzymag

In deep-set sunken eyes, it’s always challenging to get rid of the eye bags which become very prominent. So, you can use a concealer which is a shade or two lighter than your skin tone to cover up any dark patches around the eyes as well as the eye bags.

A very important part of deep-set eyes makeup is to apply the eye shadows properly. Go for neutral colored eye shadows like beige, nude, light pink. It can be shimmery eye shadow, because that will help to lighten up your eyes. To illuminate the eyes, apply shadow on your eye lids up to the arches of the brows. Start from the tear duct and go all the way below the brow bone. Just to add a little bit depth, put a darker eye shadow color on the crease and blend it out.

Black or dark eye liners will make the eyes look smaller, so avoid those eye liners. Instead go for brown eye liners or gray or green. Another tip is to tightline your eyes with a brown eye liner or even a black one, that is to fill up the gaps in between the eye lashes on the upper eyelids using a kohl pencil. However, make sure the eyeliner that you use for tightlining is waterproof.
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Its always better to avoid using any dark colored eye liner on the bottom eye lids, however you can always line the waterline with a white eyeliner pencil, which will open up your eyes more, and is one of the eye makeup tips for sunken eyes.

For the eyelashes, do not go over the top with mascara. You need to curl your eyelashes first with an eyelash curler. Then, just put on a layer of mascara on your top lashes, starting from the roots and going outwards.

So, those are the little eye makeup tips and tricks for sunken deep-set eyes. If you follow them, definitely these will help your eyes to look larger, bigger and beautiful.

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