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Nargis Fakhri’s Makeup Look from Cosmopolitan August 2015

Nargis Fakhri looked gorgeous on the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine August 2015 edition. The cover girl of cosmo wore a maroon cropped top with a high-waisted brown leather skirt. She looked chic and stylish in the short hairdo flaunting a bracelet on her left wrist. The ‘Rockstar’ actress recently debuted in Hollywood with the flick ‘Spy’. She is also working in the biopic ‘Azhar’ as well as is a part of ‘Housefull 3’.

Coming to the makeup breakdown of Nargis Fakhri from the cosmo magazine, the makeup look is very stylish yet not over-the-top! So, if you want to look like Nargis Fakhri from the cover of Cosmo Mag, read this post.

Foundation - Start off by priming the face well, and of course use a foundation and concealer to get even complexion. Stay away from tinted moisturizer or any dewy foundation. You need a matte look for this particular makeup look.

Eye brows - Next, fill up your brows well with a dark brown or black eye brow powder. The eyebrows should not be thick, but in fact on the thinner side, with an arch in the middle because Nargis got a thin pair of eye brows with arch.

Eye makeup - Eye makeup of Nargis is extremely simple. Start by packing on some metallic gray eye shadow on the upper lids upto the crease. Next take some light gray eye shadow and blend it with the metallic gray eye shadow concentrating on the crease. Put a bit of shimmery golden eye shadow on the inner corner of the eyes. Put the same color on the brow bones. Finally, take a jet black eye liner and draw a thin line on the upper eye lids as close to the lashes as possible, and wing the line out on the outer corner a bit. You can take a smudging brush, and smudge out the eye liner on the outer corner a bit. Take a light brown eye shadow and using it line the bottom line gently. Then curl your lashes, and put on mascara. You can use individual false eye lashes on the outer corner of the eyes too as i think Nargis used them.

Blush – As Nargis got a softer yet edgier look, you can use bronzer minimally, or even skip it completely. Take a terracotta blush or a dark peach one, and apply it on the cheeks concentrating more towards the hairline and blending it towards the apples of the cheeks.

Highlighter – As i have mentioned above, Nargis got an overall matte look on the magazine cover. However, she dabbed on highlighter on her cheeks, bridge of nose, to enhance her best facial features and give a fresh look.

Lips – She got berry lips on to match her cropped top. Start off by using a berry or maroon colored lip liner. Then use a semi-matte berry lipstick on the lips. If you feel your lips look a bit shiny, use a tissue to get a matte lip look.

NARGIS FAKHRI's picture courtesy : Cosmpolitan Magazine

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