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Smokey Eye Makeup Tips for Big Eyes

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Big eyes are always better to try on any eye makeup looks as you get a bigger canvas to play with colors. Smokey eye makeup on big eyes are not that difficult to do. You don’t need to stick to monochromatic shades while doing smokey eye makeup on big eyes, don’t be afraid of putting on dark eye shadows and blending multiple shades of colors to get the perfect smokey eye look for big eyes. Here are some makeup tips to help you achieve it.

§  Firstly, prime the eyelids and then use foundation and concealer as required to cover up any flaws in the eye area.
§  If your eyes seem to be bigger than rest of the face, you should try on bold dark eye shadows.
§  You can start off by using a medium brown, bronze, medium green or purple or blue and pack it on the upper eye lids starting from the inner corner up to 3/4th of the eye lids.
§  Take a darker eye shadow than you previously used and put it all over the crease.
§  Take a dark black eye shadow , pack it on the outer corners of the eyes and blend the crease color with this black eye shadow. You can extend it a bit further than the outer corner of the eyes.
§  Highlight the brow areas with a shimmery white eye shadow.
§  Take a jet black eye liner and line your upper eye lids with it. You can go thicker with the line as you have big eyes.
§  Line the waterline too with a black eye liner or kajal. You can smudge it out with a smudging brush too if you want.
§  For lashes, just curl the lashes and put on mascara on both upper and lower eye lashes. You may skip the false eyelashes unless you really want a dramatic bold smokey eye look.

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So, that’s all about the smokey eye makeup for big eyes. Don’t be afraid of trying on the makeup tips mentioned on this post. Am sure, you will get a perfect smokey eye look with these steps.

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