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Beauty tips to look your best during periods

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When you are on your periods, the entire body undergoes a big hormonal change which can affect your skin in a negative way. Most common period beauty issues includes dull rough skin, big facial pores, puffiness around the eyes, flat limp hair to name a few.

However, you can get rid of many of the periods beauty problems which are due to the hormonal changes, if you follow some beauty tips for menstruating women. Whether you have acne prone skin, or oily skin or dry skin, here are a number of beauty tips for you.

Fake the facial glow – If you got dull skin, you need to simply conceal the problem and fake a glow. Any makeup products like foundations, blushes, concealers etc with illuminating particles would be of great help. You can also take the help of herbal facial masks which contain lot of antioxidants.

Combat oiliness – During your periods, your estrogen levels get lower and hence skin tends to get quite oily. So one of the best beauty tips for menstruating women is to grab the right facial cleanser for skin. Go for a cleanser which is low in pH and has anti-inflammatory properties. Skin products suitable for oily skin can be used too, because generally those contain salicylic acid.  You can take the help of sulphur masks to clean up pores well which will prevent bacteria build-up which leads to pimples.
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Depuff eye area – Puffiness around the eye areas can make you feel uncomfortable. Its very important to stay hydrated. Also massage helps to fight the fluid retention. Use your cleanser on the puffy eye areas in the morning in a gentle circular motion.

Take care of pores – You must keep the pores clean so that they appear smaller, this is a very important beauty tip for women on their periods. Salicylic acid as well as glycolic acid keeps the pores clean. However here’s a homemade remedy to shrink facial pores. Just take baking soda and mix water with it to make a paste. Cleanse your face daily with this paste.

Get rid of dry patchy skin – Low levels of estrogen can also make the dry skin, depending on the type of skin you actually have. Go for thick layering of moisturizers and apply it frequently so that your skin is soft and supple always. However remember to wash your face often, so that your skin pores don’t get clogged with all those skincare products.
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Right makeup during periods – Switch to cream makeup products from powders. Moisturize your lips well before applying any lip color. Also use eye primer on the eyelids if you are going for cream eye shadows.

Sun protection – Your skin’s sensitivity to the sun can increase as the hormonal levels change during menstruation cycles. So skipping sunscreen can lead to more sun burns and tan. So avoid using just the makeup products with a bit of SPF in it, instead go for full fledged sunscreen lotions, and apply it before applying foundation. This will protect the skin from sunrays all day long.

Haircare – If your hair gets dry during periods, and the hair volume is not that great, condition your hair well. Protect it from heat too. If you use a blow dryer, go for a cooler setting. Also volumnizing hair products are of great help during these days. Also a bit of hair shine spray can add a touch of shine or gloss on the hair.
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Diet – Last but not the least, your diet is of much importance when it comes to beauty tips for women in their periods. If you don’t follow a proper diet, you wont have a flawless skin. So take a diet full of polyphenols and even phytoestrogens, which can include flax seeds to chocolates. Too much of carb intake should be avoided during the menstruation.

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