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How to do makeup on rainy days

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Looking good and flawless on rainy days is quite a difficult job. Not only our hair seems to be unruly on rainy days, and needs to be managed well, but our makeup too needs to be done perfectly. You need to adapt your makeup style or makeup routine in a such a way which can deal with high humidity.

So in this post we shall give you some tips and tricks to get perfect makeup on rainy days. Despite such a bad rainy weather, you can still look your best if you know which makeup products you should definitely use and what you should avoid for rainy season makeup.

Moisturizer – During humid rainy days, putting on loads of moisturizer is a big NO. You should put on only lightweight mattifying moisturizers after cleaning your face. This will prevent any kind of shine from building up on your face. Even tinted moisturizers can be a great makeup base for your skin if you don’t need a lot of coverage.

Primer – Primer is the most important makeup item in almost any makeup routine. So if you are considering to put on some foundation, over the moisturizer you have already applied, don’t forget to use a primer before application of the foundation. This will secure the moisturizer as well as the foundation applications. Even if you use waterproof makeup products, skipping a good makeup primer is not wise!

No heavy foundation – Unless you must have full coverage, skip heavy foundations on rainy seasons. Heavy foundations be it cream, or powder or liquid, will melt away in high humidity, so always go for lightweight foundations.
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Matte look – Go for a matte look for rainy season makeup. Any kind of shiny glowy makeup must be avoided in this season. But make sure you don’t use a lot of face powder to mattify your face. Instead take the help of mattifying primers or mattifying moisturizers. Even blotting papers are good options.

Blending the makeup – For rainy season makeup, blending is the key. And obviously in order to get a flawless complexion, you must blend the makeup well. Use a finger to blend or a makeup sponge.

Waterproof makeup – Whether you are in the direct rainfall or too much of humidity, waterproof eyeliner and mascara are must-haves. If your eye makeup gets wet, don’t rub your makeup off, or else it will smudge everything. Just air dry it or use a tissue to gently blot it.
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Lips – Lipglosses would be the worst makeup mistake one can make for a rainy day makeup. Shiny finish makeup is not at all okay for rainy day. Also if its windy outside, dust and dirt will stick to the lipgloss on the lips. Go for matte lip colors or lip stains. In order to make your lip color stay longer, draw your lips with a lip liner first and then put lipstick over it.

Cream products – Use cream or mousse makeup products for rainy season makeup. Powder makeup should not be tried during this season. Starting from your foundation to eye shadow or blush, creamy makeup products are better for the monsoon makeup routine. Powder makeup products will lead to streaking if face gets wet in the rain.

Opt out bronzer – When the weather is sunny outside, a sun-kissed makeup look is much better. However for the rainy days, avoid any bronzer and use a cream blush. In fact too much of highlighting too must be avoided.
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Finishing spray – Makeup for rainy days, definitely needs a long staying power, and a water-based finishing spray is the best option for that. It will set the makeup well. And you can carry the spray in your handbag and refresh your makeup with it as many times as you want during the day.

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  1. In the months of June onwards, it's usually rainy season in the Philippines, while I don't get so much outdoor venues, I also got specific makeup For rainy outdoor weddings and I got the pleasure to work on artists too since I've joined Rea Pinpin.

    So about the makeup I use for my clients. Yep It's simple loose powder makeup, matte lipstick and waterproof eyeliner so we could avoid the client looking like "the scream" painting.