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How to choose the right lip color for your complexion

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When we apply makeup, we always keep in mind to highlight our best facial feature. Some might have beautiful eyes and thus focus on that, while others might have a full luscious pout and hence they would love to emphasize that. Therefore, choosing the right lip color for yourself and applying them properly can bring out the best facial feature and make you look even more attractive!

Choosing the lip color – To coordinate the lip color, one needs to narrow down the color range. First you need to determine which color would suit your skin tone and then you have to narrow down the colors which will match with your outfits and makeup.  By matching colors i mean to say that you need to find harmonious colors which will work together.

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Lipstick colors for cool skin tones – Firstly, you need to make sure you are cool skin toned. To understand that, check the following points.

You are cool skin toned if :
White, black and blue colored dresses go well with your complexion.
Silver jewellery makes your skin look brighter.
You get tanned in the sun rays quickly.

So for cool skin tones, peach, pink, purple pinks, pinkish red colors would go well.

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Lipstick colors for warm skin tones – You need to make sure that you are warm skin tone. So to understand, check with the following points.

You are warm skin toned if :
Dresses in brown, yellow, beige or cream colors look good on you.
Silver jewellery goes well with you.
You get a nice tan if you spend a long time in the sun.

So for warm skin tones, any lip color in reds would generally go well, like any deep red lip color, orangish red and even reddish pink hues.

Few other tips to get the lip color right - Basically, if you have a lighter soft complexion, go for softer dainty lip colors. However, if you have richer color of your complexion, then go for rich deeper lip colors.
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Whenever you are choosing the perfect lip color for yourself, if you want to add some drama, go for contrast colors. If you want a nice subtle glow, go for colors which complement your skin tone well.
Now, if you have already few lip colors in your makeup collection which does not complement your complexion, then mix it with some other color until you get a hue which will go well with your skin tone.

Also its not just about choosing the right lip color for yourself, but also what kind of effect you want on your lips after applying the lip products. If you want bigger looking pout, go for a light version of the colors which go well with your complexion. And if you want your already big full lips to look a bit toned down and thinner, go for darker lip colors.

Last but not the least, while choosing the right lip color for your complexion, keep in mind the color of the outfit that you are wearing as well as the other makeup colors present on your face. If you have applied eye shadow, you should go for colors which complement the eye makeup look well. Once you are done with your entire face makeup, just step back and look at yourself in the mirror, am sure, you would find your lips complementing your entire look and you will be looking super gorgeous!

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