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Let's talk about fairness creams!

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India got a huge beauty market, and any products related to fairness sells like hot cake over here. In our society, there is an unusual craving for fair skin. And beauty is synonymous with fair skin.

Not only the social circle which believes being fair is being beautiful and anyone who is not fair is considered not beautiful or ugly, but unfortunately, celebrities and Bollywood filmstars endorses this fairness craze by promoting several fairness creams and products. Now, there is a multimillion dollar business setup of fairness products alone in our nation, but the biggest question is how effective are these fairness products?
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The amount and structure of melanin in one’s skin, determines our body color or skin tone. The lesser the amount of melanin, fairer the skin tone. All this also depends on race and genes. Upto a small extent, these fairness products work. A recent dermatology study has revealed that one can achieve only upto 20% fairer skin. Fairness creams will generally block the harsh sun rays from entering our skin and also prevents to some extent secretion of melanin. This will reduce tan and restores natural skin color.

What you should do to have a clearer brighter skin tone? –

·         Wash your face with water at least 3 times everyday.
·         Moisturize your face at least twice a day if you have dry skin. For oily skin, you can apply moisturizer once, before going to bed.
·         Apply sunscreen always before going out which will prevent tanning by blocking the harmful UV rays of the sun.
·         Use other protective measures like sunglasses and umbrella while going out.
·         Drink at least 6 glasses of water every day.
·         Consume fruits rich in anti-oxidants.
·         Increase consumption of food items rich in Vitamin C. It multiplies cell turnover, protects skin from sun damage, stimulates production of elastin and collagen, which helps the skin to remain glowing and healthy for a long time.
·         Remember to exfoliate your facial skin at least once every week. If you exfoliate regularly, that should remove any dead skin cells on the epidermis that is the skin’s outer surface.

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What you should avoid to get clearer brighter skin? –

·         Do not go for regular bleaching. Since bleaching creams contain hydrochloric acid as well as ammonia it can cause burns on the skin.
·         Any products which might breakout the skin should be avoided.

Side effects of whiteness creams –

Regular or extreme usage of whiteness cream can cause lot of damage to the skin.

Fairness creams contain bleaching agents like mercury, nickel, lead, hydroquinone, chromium, and steroids which are very harmful and can lead to :

·         thinning of the facial skin
·         discoloration
·         visibility of capillaries
·         acne
·         hypersensitivity to sun rays
·         pigmentation
·         excessive facial hair growth
·         skin allergy
·         skin cancer.

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Finally before we end this post, we must tell you, love yourself for what you are. One does not need to be fair or white skin to look beautiful. However, everyone needs healthy and glowing skin. So just be happy. Dont fall in the trap of advertisements promoting fairness creams. Nothing actually works the way better than you are already. You are gorgeous, just believe in it!

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