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What is Botox and what are the alternatives to Botox

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Brief note about botox - 
Botox is produced by a kind of bacteria named clostridium botulinum, and its actually protein. In the past, ophthalmologists used to treat eye muscles with botox. Botox was effective in relaxing the muscles of the eyes. Botox is also used for the treatment of cervical dystonia, where the neck and shoulder muscles get contracted. However, botox is most popular for effectiveness in treatment of wrinkles and fine lines. It has even got the approval of FDA America to do so.

Now, not only botox comes helpful for the treatments of the issues mentioned above, but it helps off-label in various other skin issues. Its used to lift up droppy sagging eyelids and eyebrows. Botox alongwith lasers and fillers enhances the appearance of a person and make him or her look younger.
With so much of benefits one receives from botox, a few side-effects too may come alongwith. Most of the side-effects are very minor, but if one uses botox for a long long time on the face, it can cause face immobilization. Few other side-effects of botox are sagging eyelids, weakness of facial muscles, nauseatic, drying of mouth, sore throat, and teeth problems, resistance to botox, high blood pressure and breathing issues.
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Alternatives to botox injections –
Now, as you already read above there are a number of side-effects related to botox treatments. So if you receive botox injections regularly, its high time you try some other alternatives to it. Also, botox injections are quite costly, so its not possible to go through the treatment often if you are on a budget. So below, we shall list a few alternatives to botox, hope that helps.

Topical formulations : Topical applications are safer alternative to botox. The topical creams are now formulated using safe ingredients for the consumers’ benefits. And many of these creams get approval from health authorities, so go for such approved ones. One topical alternative is the Botulinum Toxin Type B. Botox is type A.  Many dermatologists would prescribe this variety if you are botox resistant.

Myectomy surgery : This surgery is also called corrugators excision or corrugators Myectomy and in this surgery the eye muscles which pulls down the eyebrows are just cut and disabled. This prevents formation of facial lines. At times the corrugators muscles is completely removed.
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Other options : There are a number of other alternatives to botox like face lift, or eye lift or eye brow lift. Injecting dermal fillers and laser resurfacing are other two popular alternatives to botox injections.

There is a new skin treatment fast emerging in the beauty industry and replacing botox injections. It is the Relaxed Expression treatment. It also called REX, and uses radiofrequency energy which are targeted on the motor nerves which connect muscles to forehead, and weaken these nerves. These motor nerves are responsible for frown lines.

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