Friday, February 19, 2016

Triveni Kolkata Meet by Triveni

Kolkata, February 7 2016: Triveni Meet, a social engagement of saree and ethnic wear enthusiasts was organized on Sunday, by Triveni a Surat based leading retailer of ethnic wear, especially known for sarees. The event was crossroad of bloggers, ethnic wear and saree lovers and Triveni’s insight and ideas upon ethnic wears. The event was held at at Oxford Book store, 17 Park Street, Kolkata.
Arvind Saraf, Director, Triveni introducing the brand

On the ‘Fresh – February’s one of the rosy Sundays women with an ethnic connect and some with curious amazement participated in the Triveni meet. Many of them shared their musings and excitement over the two sessions in which the event was spread. Mr. Arvind Saraf, Director, Triveni introduced the brand and spoke about the vision of spreading the endemic heredity since expanding beyond sarees and dealing with all sorts of ethnic wear for men, women and kids. Ladies present at the event were then introduced to many fabrics and their characteristics. Attendees were eager to know about the specialty of the sarees and their distinct appeal. Much awaited part of the meet approached when Ms. Dolly Jain took the stage and everyone present was left gasping with her unique fete of draping a saree in most velocious and elegant fashion. Ms. Jain is a world renowned saree draper, who also happens to be the Limca and India Book of record holder for draping a saree into 125 unique styles. The very fun, sprightly - Le Debonair bloggers who attended the event were found clicking pictures, mingling with each other over the splendid grace of sarees at session end.
Dolly Jain demonstrating sareedraping skills

Attendees shared their experiences and memoirs related to sarees. Stating about their delight after being left informative and amazed, bloggers at the meet stated how they have developed the confidence of wearing one regardless of their body frame, thanks to the meet. The event was channelized by Arvind Saraf, Director, Triveni. Checking the brightness of the event, Saraf described the meet informative and involving. Speaking about further such activities, Saraf added that Triveni has always endeavored to get people involved and evolve as ‘People’s brand’. Hence, many such associations are looked forward to.
Ladies at the meet; all draped!

About Triveni Triveni is a 30 year old maker of Sarees and Indian Ethnic wear. Based on the solid foundation built by its Sakambari Silks Mills, Triveni has spanned to global proportions with the advent of its online store - Triveni currently has over 80 wholesale counters all over India with listings in all major online retailers as well. Triveni went online in 2011, taking the Triveni collection worldwide (, online & a few clicks away. Triveni's designs & collections are now available at most major retailers in Inddia and most major web-portals in India & worldwide.

( This is a press release, courtesy Triveni Sarees )

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